The New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle was the first giving circle in the New River Valley. Established in 2005 together with a fund at The Community Foundation of the New River Valley, the group’s name hearkens to Dr. King’s famous last speech: “I’ve been to the mountaintop.”

Mission Statement

  • To promote and expand a culture of philanthropy to improve the quality of life, potential and futures of African American youths in the community.
  • To reconnect to the vision and values that sustained and unified the African American community throughout its history of slavery and oppression.

New Mountain Climbers Highlights:

  • Catalyzed the formation of other giving circles throughout the region. “Birds of a feather,” the members of the growing network of giving circles are independent and autonomous yet joined in philanthropic purpose.
  • $31,000 in grants and gifts to charitable community projects and programs.
  • Over $21,600 in assets; managed and audited by the Community Foundation of the New River Valley.
  • The Ford Foundation provided startup endowment support and encouragement for our pioneering work as a black philanthropy.
  • A charter member of the Community Investment Network, a national association of African American giving circles.
  • The New Mountain Climbers is the Community Group’s contribution to the spread and strengthening of a culture of grassroots philanthropy in Virginia’s New River Valley.

What is a Giving Circle?

A giving circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where a group of individuals like the TCG board, donates money and time to a pooled fund, decides together where to give these away to local nonprofits or community projects and, in doing so, seeks to accomplish the circle’s mission. The Community Group learned about giving circles from Athan Lindsay and Daryl Lester funded by a Ford Foundation grant.  The New Mountain Climbers giving circle members are all the members of The TCG board. The TCG board established an endowed fund with the Community  Foundation of the New River Valley.

The  Foundation keeps and manages the fund.  The giving circle named the fund “The New Mountain Climbers Fund,” the purpose of which is the mission of TCG:  to enrich the African American community in Montgomery County, Virginia through political action, education, leadership, and economic empowerment (community investment).

Join the New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle! Contact Penny Franklin. It’s just $100 a year. Help create a community that works for us all.

Or consider donating to the New Mountain Climbers Fund at The Community Foundation of the New River Valley. Every donation makes such a big difference!