Dialogue on Race

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We are grassroots.

We honor our young people.

We name racial trauma.

We support education for all students in Montgomery County.

We form close and lasting relationships with law enforcement leaders and officers.


Dialogue on Race’s mission is to create a forum that examines racial issues articulated by the African-American community in Montgomery County, VA, and then develops and implements solutions.


Our first Dialogue on Race event in 2013 aimed at improving race relations.  It was the result of years of hard work and grassroots energy. Read more about our history.


Our first Dialogue on Race Summit in 2013 was designed to provide an environment that would enable those attending to discuss deeply held concerns, point out issues and problems, and work toward developing solutions. Since then, we have held Summits usually twice a year, during the summer and winter. Read more about the early Summits in A History of the Dialogue on Race. Browse more recent Summits on our News blog.

Issue Groups

Learn more about how the Issue Groups were formed.


Programs, directories, networks, articles, and other resources for strengthening African American community development in Montgomery County, VA.

Steering Committee

Dialogue on Race was the result of years of hard work, “grassroots energy,” and long-term commitment of three groups: the Human Relations Council (HRC) of Montgomery County, The Community Group, and the Dialogue on Race Steering Committee. Learn more.


Dialogue on Race is supported by The Community Group, the New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle, and Montgomery County, VA local governing bodies.


Donate to support Dialogue on Race, The Community Group, the New Mountain Climbers endowment at the Community Foundation, or become a member of the New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle with just $100 per year!

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