The Dialogue on Race Education Issue Group: The Impact of Racial Trauma on Our Black Children

Our second Zoom event on October 22, 2020 was attended by more than 200 people.

This presentation from the Dialogue on Race Education issue group provides vital follow up to the August 2020 summer summit program, “Understanding Racial Trauma.” The issues raised were real, poignant, and require all of us to solve. Resources and opportunities to get involved are posted at the Dialogue on Race website. 

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Speakers and panelists presented a variety of viewpoints on the impact of racial trauma on our Black students.


Dr. Patricia Talbot, Associate Professor of Education at Radford University, Dr. Tameka Grimes, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at Virginia Tech, Dr. Justin Grimes, Assistant Director for the Office of Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion at Virginia Tech Graduate School, and Judy Diggs, Director of Equity, Diversity, and Tiered Interventions for Montgomery County Public Schools.


We heard from Montgomery County students Lulu Dembele, Mark Frimpong, Molly McPherson, and Kolby Brown; parents Toya Earley and Kathy Godbey; and educators Ryan Wade, 8th grade Civics teacher at Blacksburg Middle School, and Keith Palmer, Auburn High School Assistant Principal.

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