The Community Group, formed in 2002, is a grassroots African American organization in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Mission Statement

The Community Group is dedicated to the enrichment of the African American community in Montgomery County, Virginia through community action, education, and leadership for change and empowerment.

Goals and Objectives

  • Developing a higher level of visibility in local civic affairs
  • Promoting collective civic engagement
  • Encouraging political involvement
  • Developing leadership and business skills
  • Enhancing the African-American climate for generations to come

Community Group Highlights

Promote Youth Empowerment

  • Graduation gift cards
  • Youth panel presentations on issues
  • Black History Quiz Bowl
  • Grants for summer youth programs
  • Grants for Community Center tutoring program
  • Financial Aid Information Workshop for Parents and Students

Dialogue on Race

The Community Group started and sponsored the Dialogue on Race in 2012. Taking action for change in Montgomery County, Virginia, for issue areas of importance to the African
American community:

  • Education: Issue that African American students receive unfair, differential disciplinary treatment (in comparison to whites).
  • Law enforcement: Addressing racial profiling; and achieving proportional numbers of African Americans on local police forces.
  • Limited African American Presence on public boards and commissions.
  • Jim Crow/White Privilege: Raising community cultural awareness.
  • Employment/Income Gap: Closing the income gap for African Americans.
  • Improving hiring practices.

Read more about the Dialogue on Race.

New Mountain Climbers

Established in 2005, the New Mountain Climbers is the first giving circle in Virginia’s New River Valley. All of the Community Group Board members belong to the giving circle.

Membership in the New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle is open to any and all. Contact Penny Franklin. For as little as $100 per year, help create a community that works for us all. Read more about the New Mountain Climbers.

Or consider donating to the New Mountain Climbers Fund at The Community Foundation of the New River Valley. Your donation will help support our all-volunteer organization and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
The Community Group

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